Monday, May 30, 2011

Nail of the Day

I tried something different with my nails, and this is my first time doing this double color look.  It was really easy, but there were a few mistakes I made that ruined the perfect edge between the two colors.  Here is how I did it!

1.  Find two opaque colors to use.  You don't want anything sheer because when you layer them over one another their true colors won't show up and the colors will blend too much and not be distinct.  Here I chose a bright orange shade and a pink.
2.  Paint your nails with one of the colors.  Here I painted all my nails with the pink first.  Now here is where I made one of my mistakes.  I didn't wait long enough for the pink to dry.  Make sure the pink is entirely dry on your nails before the next step.
3.  Take some tape and put it diagonally (or however you want it) on your nails using the straight edge of the tape to create the diagonal.  The first polish needed to be dry or else the tape will leave marks and ruin that first layer of polish.  Make sure you tape down all edges so the next layer of polish doesn't seep through and blend in with the pink.
4.  Take your next color (which in my case was the orange) and paint it over the part of the nail you haven't covered with tape.
5.  My next mistake was removing the tape to quickly.  If you remove it before the polish has dried then it will start spreading into the first layer of polish and ruining the straight edge between the two colors.  Wait for it to dry a little bit before removing.

Then put a topcoat and you are finished!

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