Friday, June 24, 2011

DIY Hair Flowers

I've been shopping around trying to find somewhere that sells flowers to clip into my hair.  I have yet to find a clip with the perfect size and color.  So I decided instead of continuing my search, I could make my own exactly the way I would want a flower hair pin.  They were so simple and fun to make I decided to share exactly how I did them!

What you will need:

 I bought all of my things from Michaels.  You will need a bouquet of flowers that are easy to separate from their stems and that can be flattened out onto your bobby pins.
I bought these 5mm swarovski crystals to glue to the center of the flowers to give it some extra shine.  They also had pearls which I thought was another cute choice to add to the center.  These crystals came in every color and shape but I wanted to have a big clear stone so it was noticeable.
- Bobby pins
- Felt parchment (I bought mine in brown to match my hair color)
- Hot glue gun
- Scissors

I cut out tiny 1/2 inch squares of felt and put glue into the center and pushed my bobby pin on top of it.  I then pulled off the flower petals from the stems and for some of my flowers I did two layers of petals whereas for others I did three.  The placement of the petals and how many you add is your choice!  I glued the center of the first petal onto the felt that we already glued down.  Then I added more petals on top creating a layered effect.  Once I was done with placing the petals, I added a tiny dot of glue to my crystal and placed it into the center of the flower.  Then that's it!  Super easy and quick.  Now you have your own personalized flower pins!

All of these flowers were made from the same bouquet of fake flowers I picked up from Michaels.  I mixed and matched them all so they are all different in color and shape.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Nail of the Day

Sorry for the lack of posts, it's been a really hectic month!
Sorry if it looks a bit messy, but I just painted my nails and was so excited to write a post that I couldn't wait till after I cleaned up my nails.  I painted my nails with Essie's Marshmallow, which is one of my current favorite polishes.  It's a really milky white that truly resembles the color of a marshmallow.  It's pretty sheer so it applies streaky and needs 2-3 coats, but it's a nice wearable white.   The glitter you see at the tips of my nails is MAC 3d glitter pigment which I think I got at the pro store a while back.  I poured the glitter out into a plate and picked it up in clumps with a toothpick dipped in clear polish and painted it on.  It creates a really pretty and eye catching sparkle to the tips of your nails and contrasts beautifully with the off-white color!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

This blog entry is a really special one.  My best friend Shrina agreed to write a review on this new mascara she has recently purchased and is loving.  Here are her thoughts! <3

I saw this shiny purple bottle of Rimmel mascara with enticing packaging at the drugstore.  I immediately picked it up, and since I had been on the lookout for a new mascara anyway, I decided to give this one a shot.  It looked cool, offered promising results, and I only had to pay $2.62 for it because it was apparently on sale (but is originally around $8).  It came in two colors- Black and Extreme Black- and I opted for Extreme Black just because I was was buying it for more formal occasions.  I applied it twice for my desired look and I thought it did a really great job!  My lashes looked full and thick, and there were no clumps on my lashes.  I never had to reapply it, as it lasted for the entire day, even through many dances.  This mascara comes in a waterproof version if necessary.  I would definitely recommend this cheap mascara!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer faves

With warmer weather and summer around the corner, I'm starting to pull out some of my favorite makeup products for this time of the year.  Not that I don't use these the rest of the year, but Summer is when I use them the most!

This is Nars Laguna bronzer.  It looks a lot more shimmery in the pan than when you apply it to the face, which is a good thing because you don't want to be applying shimmer all over your face.  I like to apply this in the "3E" motion around the perimeters of my face and it just creates the most beautiful glow.  It's a very flattering bronzer that isn't orange or too dark.  It is definitely buildable and is a nice universal bronzing shade.

This is Melba blush by MAC.  It is a very soft shade of peach/coral that is matte.  I like this because I feel like it compliments the bronzer well in creating a sun kissed glow to the skin.  It is a very soft and pigmented blush.  It looks very natural against the skin unlike some of my other orange/peach/coral blushes.  Also, I like to use a highlighter more often in the summer time and I always like to use that with a matte blush, so this is perfect.

This veluxe pearl finish eyeshadow from MAC is woodwinked.  It is the perfect brownish gold which can have a tinge of orange to it depending on how you wear it.  It makes your lids appear glowy because of the almost metallic finish it gives to the lids.  I love this color for all over the lid but I also enjoy using it in the crease.  It has very good color payoff and I am very excited to pull this shade out and use it again.

This is Rubenesque paintpot by MAC.  This is one of their creaseless cream shadows.  I absolutely love this shimmery golden peach shade.  It is so easy to swipe across the lids and be done with the eyes.  I like to go very simple on the eyes in the summer and this just makes it so easy.  It also brings out more of the orange-y golden shades of woodwinked so they pair well together.  It's a great base for any neutral shade.

For summer I like to have really long and thick and full dark lashes since I go so light on the eye makeup.  I recently picked up this Loreal Voluminous mascara.  The first time I bought this I didn't like it but this time I picked up the curved brush version which I absolutely love.  It creates really big lashes easily and is very dark.  I normally don't go for waterproof mascara since I don't have an issue with mascara transferring onto my lower lids, but if you do I would recommend a waterproof mascara formula.

I have a few other favorites for the summer, but not any products in particular.  A must have for me is a coral lipstick or lipgloss (preferably something with spf).  As you can tell when summer hits I kind of put aside my pink shades and reach for my oranges and corals.  I also really enjoy shimmery highlights and gel eyeliner for my upper lash line.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Nail of the Day

I tried something different with my nails, and this is my first time doing this double color look.  It was really easy, but there were a few mistakes I made that ruined the perfect edge between the two colors.  Here is how I did it!

1.  Find two opaque colors to use.  You don't want anything sheer because when you layer them over one another their true colors won't show up and the colors will blend too much and not be distinct.  Here I chose a bright orange shade and a pink.
2.  Paint your nails with one of the colors.  Here I painted all my nails with the pink first.  Now here is where I made one of my mistakes.  I didn't wait long enough for the pink to dry.  Make sure the pink is entirely dry on your nails before the next step.
3.  Take some tape and put it diagonally (or however you want it) on your nails using the straight edge of the tape to create the diagonal.  The first polish needed to be dry or else the tape will leave marks and ruin that first layer of polish.  Make sure you tape down all edges so the next layer of polish doesn't seep through and blend in with the pink.
4.  Take your next color (which in my case was the orange) and paint it over the part of the nail you haven't covered with tape.
5.  My next mistake was removing the tape to quickly.  If you remove it before the polish has dried then it will start spreading into the first layer of polish and ruining the straight edge between the two colors.  Wait for it to dry a little bit before removing.

Then put a topcoat and you are finished!