Saturday, May 21, 2011

CCO Purchases

I recently was in a Cosmetics Company Outlet (CCO), and made a few purchases.  I like going there to find limited edition or discontinued MAC products that I missed out on.  I didn't feel like this CCO had as many products as I have seen in others, but here is what I got:

This is a MAC Msf in the color Refined.  I like to use this as a face highlight because it's too shimmery to be used as a blush.  It has a very pretty mix of corals, pinks, peaches and bronze shades.  This makes it a universal highlight to be paired up with almost any blush.  It has so many beautiful colors and you can choose whether to dip your brush into the more golden shades or the peachy side of it.  It's a very pretty color for the Summer and I love how the colors make it a universal shade that can match any blush.
I purchased this slimshine lipstick in High 90s which is a gorgeous creamy bright coral shade.  I love slimshines because they have a great color pay-off with a beautiful glossy shine to them.  I don't know why MAC discontinued their slimshines but whenever I go to a CCO I always look out for these. One swipe of this is all you need to get great color and shine.

I heard a rumor that matt^2 eyeshadows by MAC were going to be discontinued.  I personally didn't own any until this one which I had been eyeing for a while.  This color is copperplate and I love the consistency of this shadow.  If all matt^2 eyeshadows are as soft and pigmented as this one, I'm going to have to check them out because my collection is lacking in matte colors.  This is a cross between a grey and a brown shade which could be used as a crease color for a smokey eye when built up or as a subtle crease color for a neutral eye look.  I have recently been using this just under my lash line to create a smokey effect. This is a pretty versatile shadow and I would be sad if they were discontinuing it!


  1. COOL!...I wish there was a CCO near me!

  2. @CHarmonee Thanks! This CCO was a 2 hour trip away so I wish it was closer too!