Monday, May 16, 2011

Bourjois Volumizing Mascara

So from a recent post, you all know that my all time favorite mascara is from YSL, but it is too expensive to purchase every 2-3 months when it dries out.  Since then I have tried Fairy Drops Scandal Queen mascara from Sephora and this one from Bourjois.  I really didn't like the Fairy Drops mascara only because no matter how I applied it, black always ended up on my lids and ruined my eyeshadow.  It was nice because it was water resistant and I loved how it curled and separated my lashes, but it was too much of a hassle to apply.
This is a two step mascara which I was hesitant to try out because I have tried MACs Haute and Naught Lash mascara which is also a two step mascara and I wasn't impressed at all.  When I first used this mascara I hated it because it had a very wet and watery consistency.  I put it aside for two weeks before reaching for it again in hopes that it would dry out a bit which it did, and now I love it.  The first step of this mascara separates my lashes while the second step makes them dark and long.  I really like this mascara because it creates dramatic lashes very easily and lengthens my lashes as well as separates them.

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