Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

This blog entry is a really special one.  My best friend Shrina agreed to write a review on this new mascara she has recently purchased and is loving.  Here are her thoughts! <3

I saw this shiny purple bottle of Rimmel mascara with enticing packaging at the drugstore.  I immediately picked it up, and since I had been on the lookout for a new mascara anyway, I decided to give this one a shot.  It looked cool, offered promising results, and I only had to pay $2.62 for it because it was apparently on sale (but is originally around $8).  It came in two colors- Black and Extreme Black- and I opted for Extreme Black just because I was was buying it for more formal occasions.  I applied it twice for my desired look and I thought it did a really great job!  My lashes looked full and thick, and there were no clumps on my lashes.  I never had to reapply it, as it lasted for the entire day, even through many dances.  This mascara comes in a waterproof version if necessary.  I would definitely recommend this cheap mascara!

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