Friday, June 24, 2011

DIY Hair Flowers

I've been shopping around trying to find somewhere that sells flowers to clip into my hair.  I have yet to find a clip with the perfect size and color.  So I decided instead of continuing my search, I could make my own exactly the way I would want a flower hair pin.  They were so simple and fun to make I decided to share exactly how I did them!

What you will need:

 I bought all of my things from Michaels.  You will need a bouquet of flowers that are easy to separate from their stems and that can be flattened out onto your bobby pins.
I bought these 5mm swarovski crystals to glue to the center of the flowers to give it some extra shine.  They also had pearls which I thought was another cute choice to add to the center.  These crystals came in every color and shape but I wanted to have a big clear stone so it was noticeable.
- Bobby pins
- Felt parchment (I bought mine in brown to match my hair color)
- Hot glue gun
- Scissors

I cut out tiny 1/2 inch squares of felt and put glue into the center and pushed my bobby pin on top of it.  I then pulled off the flower petals from the stems and for some of my flowers I did two layers of petals whereas for others I did three.  The placement of the petals and how many you add is your choice!  I glued the center of the first petal onto the felt that we already glued down.  Then I added more petals on top creating a layered effect.  Once I was done with placing the petals, I added a tiny dot of glue to my crystal and placed it into the center of the flower.  Then that's it!  Super easy and quick.  Now you have your own personalized flower pins!

All of these flowers were made from the same bouquet of fake flowers I picked up from Michaels.  I mixed and matched them all so they are all different in color and shape.

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